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Seattle is among the most beautiful of all cities. We have the best people, great natural beauty, a technology culture, intellectual curiosity and wealth are just a few our resources. Here is a community well able to face, address, and overcome the same challenges cities around the world see now and will in the future. Seattle is a leader in a world of ongoing technosocial change and will show leadership by enabling our community with the many new tools available.
There is not enough affordable housing available in Seattle. The population is growing rapidly and the demand for housing and property here is increasing every day. Some people in Seattle are isolated from our good fortune. Many are and being pushed away both literally and figuratively. The city govenment is being tested in many areas. Public services, the infrastrucure, transit resources, school systems and the fiscal ability of our city government are all being tested. We have a diverse population many great qualities. The foundation we are laying down here has to stand up to the ups and downs of the future. We should make a concerted effort to carefully build Seattle's future.

Thousands people are arriving every month and that number is growing. Affordable housing is becoming only a memory. An opportunity for trade and service people to find comfortable option would be a real benefit for us all.

The character of Seattle includes people of diverse ethnic, cultural, professional, and sexual orientations. Long time residents are pushed out by the many people moving here. We can lose who give the city character. Welcoming those relocating is important and so is appreciating everyone already here.

Education is always important. From the start of life until the end we are learning. Early Childhood Education pays greatest dividends. Equal opportunity to for every class of people in school is an demonstration of good government. Job training is worth the investment to raise the prospects for those not receiving the best start.

One of my jobs as your Seattle City Councillor will be to put universal access to free preschool on the agenda at EVERY SESSION of the Seattle City Council until that goal is met.

Public safety is difference between living in a city and having a home. We can vigorously defend the people of Seattle from abuse of any kind.

The Seattle Police Department is stepping up. The officers who do the good and difficult work are greatly appreciated. The contrary use of police power has to be checked and kept under the control of our community.

Homelessness is the flip side of affordabe housing. Seattle has working people without a home. There are people without the skills to be hired in any field. Some have a construction of the world without place for them. There are fine people in shelters. We could give them a better chance.

The Seattle mass transit system should reach far and wide. It could enable people to live comfortably without the bother of a car. Areas out of reach have poorer growth, limited job opportunities and be marginalized socially and economically.

We have a regressive tax system. Supporting the many strucural and resource expenditures of  upgrading growth requires financial resources. Sales tax and property taxes are a poor way to fund goverment. A fair, graduated income tax, is one good option. Government funding and contribution levels would more effectively match the financial ablity to pay. A system designed to fit well with an income tax program which Washington State might adopt. Any Seattle income tax proposal should include at least a one percent reduction in sales tax and some limits on property taxes.

These are some issues awaiting attention in Seattle. I will gladly listen and respond to what to people ask from our Seattle City Council.

A quote by Socrates:

"Esteemed friend, citizen of Athens, the greatest city in the world, so outstanding in both intelligence and power, aren't you ashamed to care so much to make all the money you can, and to advance your reputation and prestige--while for truth and wisdom and the improvement of your soul you have no care or worry?”

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