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Seattle can make big progress in Education, the biggest factor affecting our future. From cradel to grave the more you know the farther you go. From preschool to elementary school to middle school and highschool. And after some kind of training in different fields at college or in fields training is available for.

Seattle, and the Washington State Supreme Court says the whole state, is failing in our responsibiliy to a fair and equal education to our children. That failure starts at preschool. The most critical factor in how well people do is how well they start out. Seattle can immediately begin offering preschool to the youngest of our residents. The state does not contributeat the beginning.

We know the state legislature is not effectively managing education financing. The quick cure would be to require that local school district contributions only be made to the state fund. No additional property tax levies unless the go to the larger pool.As individuals, as families, as cities, and as nations much depends on our education. Our Public Safety and Social Service costs rise as a result in failures here.

A vocabulary is the great of education. Knowing the words to begin with allows for greater understanding when you see them arranged in sentencs. Understanding what someone else is saying is a key element in getting along. English should be the first subject among others in elementary school.

Seattle can demonstrate leadership f a first class city by offering free Associate Degree programs in either Healthcare or Education classes could be available for every highschool graduate. This would increase the supply of employees in professions as where demand will continue to grow.

Let's make some progress here.

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