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Public Safety a the key function of any government. Criminal law is intended to protect everyone from immediately evident danger. Not expected or preconceived danger but danger which can be recognized based on actions of the others involved. Regardless of race creed or color or any other distinction it adds risk to every situation when bad intentions are expected.

The bad intentions immediately evident preventing unwarranted detention and deportation need to be upheld. We need faith that we can live and work freely. From the police officer to those without shelter, public safety is the trunk that the other branches grow from. must appreciate all the good work of Seattle's public safety organizations. The job of the Seattle Police Department is to effectively protect the public from the public and is, by far, the most challenging. The Police are the only government operation authorized to use force to protect and serve our residents. That force must be used with great reservation and checked that it is not misused. All possible measures to prevent the use of force must be employed.

When physical force is used upon the public in Seattle the circumstances should be examined from within and without the parties of interest. Residents should be confident knowing they are living in safe homes and safe neighborhoods. A lack of that confidence will exacerbate the problems and result in more force used among the residents and between the residents and the Police.

All of Seattle's residents, of all races, faiths, orientations, genders, nationalities, residents, neighborhoods, financial resources, deserve equal protection under the law. It is the city governments responsibility that everyone receive those protections. Work in this field is the backbone of our healthy community and needs explicit legislative, financial, and executive support.


Action Points:

Amend Police schelduling to involve large segments of high crime communities in discussion and interation. The difficulty is that black communities feel a if they are their own public safety.

Demonstrations of our concern for the well being of each other in advance of emergent situations is a best approach in perventing the use of force. Demonstrations of concern are the other responsibilities of government. Resources, food and shelter, healthcare and understanding are the needs of all people. Understanding comes with education. Education is the real provider of public safety. 

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